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Fix text in emacs after wrong keyboard layout

My default keyboard layout is US, but I also write in Finnish language that has its own layout that differs from the US one for a few special letters. Quite often, I have started writing in Finnish with the US keyboard layout, and then had to laboriously replace the wrong letters manually.

UNIX command line has a tool tr (translate characters) that makes it really easy to do what I need:

tr ";'[:\"{" "öäåÖÄÅ"

Emacs should be able to the same. It has a standard function subst-char-in-region that seemed to do exactly what I needed. Unfortunately, it turned out needing both old and new character to have the same byte-length. A badly outdated requirement nowadays when Unicode should be expected everywhere.

A standard regexp search and replace for all character pairs did the trick. Combining that with code that automatically applies changes to the current paragraph proved to be really powerful combination. I bound the translation function to a key combination and found using it much easier than switching between layouts. I now regularly write short Finnish notes using the US layout and in the end just press my key combination to fix the characters.

After I got it working, I refactored the code into two functions: the general purpose function translate-characters and the interactive function my/us2fi that solves my translation problem. It is now easy to add more functions that translate between any other two layouts.

The function translate-characters takes four obligatory arguments: A string of from characters, a corresponding string of to characters, and start and end points of the region to apply the translation to. The interactive function takes care of determining the region of interest and passes on the exact coordinates together with the two strings.

(defun translate-characters (from-string to-string begin end)
  "Translate characters in the current buffer.

FROM-STRING and TO-STRING are equal length strings that contain
translatable characters in order like in the tr command line tool.

Works on the given region of the current buffer between locations

  (let ((from-regexp (concat "[" (regexp-quote from-string) "]"))
        (tr-alist (pairlis (split-string from-string "" t)
                           (split-string to-string "" t))))
      (goto-char begin)
      (while (and
              (re-search-forward from-regexp nil t)
              (<= (point) end))
        (goto-char (match-beginning 0))
        (if (match-string 0)
            (replace-match (cdr (assoc (match-string 0) tr-alist)) t))
        (goto-char (match-end 0))))))

(defun my/us2fi (&optional begin end)
  "Convert characters written with US keyboard layout to matching Finnish ones.

Converts only characters that translate to Scandinavian letters
åäöÅÄÖ. All other characters are ignored.

Works on the current paragraph or text selection (between BEGIN
and END.

Calls `translate-characters' to do the work.

In Finnish text, the character ä occurs roughly as every 20th
character, ö only every 200 and å is only used in Swedish derived

   (if (use-region-p)
       (list (region-beginning) (region-end))
     (let ((bds (bounds-of-thing-at-point 'paragraph)))
       (list (car bds) (cdr bds)))))

  (let* ((us-string ";'[:\"{")
         (fi-string "öäåÖÄÅ"))
    (translate-characters us-string fi-string begin end)))